Mercedes-Benz Introduces Concept Coupe SUV at Beijing Auto Show

April 17th, 2014 by

Concept Coupe SUVAt the Beijing Auto Show, Mercedes-Benz has released a stunning new concept design called the Concept Coupe SUV.

While the concept’s name may be lacking in originality, the design sure isn’t. This concept amazingly blends the two design types (coupe and SUV) into a truly beautiful vehicle. The design hints at the new GLA-Class that will debut later this year.

The Concept Coupe SUV boasts a dramatic roofline and high beltline, which together give the concept an edgy look. Mercedes-Benz has said that the styling of the rear end will be a common element on all of its future coupe models.

Up front, the Concept Coupe SUV boats an aggressive grille that almost looks like a snarling animal when viewed head-on.

According to Motor Trend, this concept will probably end up in production and will be called the MLC.

We love this new Mercedes-Benz concept and would love to see it sitting on our showroom floor here at Mercedes-Benz of Easton. Tell us what you think of the Concept Coupe SUV in the comments below.

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