Fun Road Trip Games for Spring Vacations

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Fun Road Trip Games

Despite the awful snow we got recently—really, Ohio?—spring is definitely here. Your family may even be thinking of taking a road trip sometime soon; we’d advise somewhere not in Ohio. We at Mercedes-Benz of Easton know how stressful preparing for a vacation can be: you’ve got to reserve the hotel, you’ve got to pack your bags and the kids’ bags, you’ve got to budget everything out, you’ve got to get someone to watch the dog and pick up the mail, and so on and so forth. That’s why we thought we’d make one thing easier—you focus on the road and we’ll help you keep the kids entertained with some fun road trip games.

  • License Plate Bingo: This game will require some preparation before you head out, but it’s totally worth it. Make up a few Bingo boards, but instead of numbers, place the names of states in the squares. These should be states that you’ll likely see on license plates during the trip. Your kids can cross off states with pencils as they see them on license plates—and the first to get five in a row wins!
  • Would You Rather: You and your kids will have a fun time playing this game of hypotheticals. Have some questions prepared before the trip so you can keep the game moving; be prepared to ask things like, “Would you rather swim in a pool of Jell-O or sled down a mountain of pudding?” or “Would you rather play baseball with a team of penguins or go to school with a class of otters?”
  • 20 Questions: For this classic game, someone will have to think of a person or an object. Everyone else in the car bands together to ask 20 yes or no questions, like, “Is it larger than a breadbox?” to try to determine what the person or object is.
  • The Alphabet Game: Everyone in the car must look at road signs, billboards, and more to try to spot certain words. First, players must look for a word that starts with the letter A. Once a player finds a word that begins with the letter A, he or she can move onto the letter B (and no one else can claim that word). The first person to make it all the way through the alphabet is the winner!

Do you have any other fun road trip games that you and your family like to play? Share them with us below!

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