Back to School Driving: Tips for Teens

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Summertime is almost over, that means back to school season has arrived. Now that your teen received their license this summer, it’s time to start driving themselves to school. Although this is an exciting time for your teen, it also comes with certain responsibilities. Driving responsibly is essential, especially for new drivers. You might trust your teen behind the wheel, but one can never have too much advice. Help your teen stay safe on the road by sharing some essential school-year driving tips for teens. Here are a few stats and tips to help you encourage your teen to stay responsible behind the wheel.

Driving Tips for Teens

Although distracted driving is the leading cause of collision among teens, it’s not the only thing that endangers teens behind the wheel. Driving an unsafe car can equally be as dangerous as distracted driving. Keeping your car well maintained will improve your car’s safety and gas mileage. Here are some car care tips for your car:

  • Check your oil – This will keep your car parts well lubricated and free from corrosion.
  • Tire pressure – Having sufficient tire pressure will improve your car’s balance and gas mileage.
  • Battery – Simply clean off any debris or corrosion from your battery and tighten the battery connects.
  • Car Wash – Having a clean car not only makes your car look good. It also helps maintain your car’s paint and protects your car parts from rusting.
  • Coolant – Have you checked your coolant level lately? This will improve your cooling and heating system, not to mention keep your car from overheating.

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