5 Easy Tips to Get Your Mercedes-Benz Ready for Summer

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Ready For Summer

April showers bring May flowers – and June and July provide scorching-hot temperatures. Your car has been through a lot this winter, from snow storms to salt lurking around every corner. Rescue your Mercedes-Benz from the winter damage and get your ride ready for the summer heat with these five easy tips.


Traffic moves slower in the winter because of the volume of drivers and the inclement weather. The stop and go traffic during any winter storm can take its toll on your brakes. To get your brakes in tip-top shape for summer, get them closely inspected. Make sure the edges of your brake pads aren’t crumbling or discolored and look for cracking in your brake rotors or drums. If you see any of these warning signs, schedule a service appointment right away.

Car Wash

With all the winter weather this year, your car was sure to be attacked by salt, sand, ice and water. Every part of your car, from your engine to your brake lines, was most likely affected. Road salt can damage your car’s undercarriage if not properly cleaned. Make sure you use high-pressure water when you wash; and don’t forget about those wheel wells.


Of course, you should check your oil regularly, regardless of the weather. But as the seasons change, it’s a good habit to check. Pull out your dipstick and look closely at the color and fill line. Your oil should be a nice amber color. If the color’s right but it’s a little low, top it off with oil that best fits your vehicle. If your oil is a black color, get it changed as soon as possible.

Air Conditioning

Has your ice-cold air conditioning started slacking a little this spring? Over time your car can leak refrigerant, making your compressor operate for longer than usual. This puts an extra strain on your engine and slicing time off your engine’s life. If your air conditioning doesn’t feel as cold as it used too, it’s probably time to swing by our express service center to get it checked out.


From brake fluid to coolant, make sure all the fluids in your car are topped off and clean. One of the most important fluids in your Mercedes-Benz is brake fluid. Degradation of this fluid can cause reduced brake performance, and ultimately brake failure. Power steering fluid is important too. It’s often ignored, but dirty fluid can cause the whole power steering system to fail prematurely. Don’t forget to keep an eye on your transmission fluid and coolant. Make sure they’re capped off to avoid any problems down the road.

Ready for Summer

Stop on by Mercedes-Benz of Easton to get your Mercedes ready for summer. Check out our special offers now! We’re located at 4300 Morse Crossing, Columbus, OH 43219. For more information, give us a call at 888-722-5428.

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