Mercedes PRO connect: Fleet Management System for Mercedes-Benz Vans

Mercedes PRO connect: Fleet Management System for Mercedes-Benz Vans

Communication Module

Advantages of Mercedes PRO Connect

Advantages of Mercedes PRO Connect 01

Increase safety, improve navigation, and optimize maintenance planning

Advantages of Mercedes PRO Connect 02

Increase fleet efficiency, control vans remotely, and digitally log trips

Advantages of Mercedes PRO Connect 03

Integrate Mercedes-Benz Vans data into your existing fleet management system

The Connectivity Gateway – Registration & Activation

The Mercedes PRO Portal gives you the ability to manage your Mercedes PRO connect account and discover new services.

  • Account management – Create your account and fully manage Mercedes PRO connect solutions
  • Assign capabilities – Select and assign new Mercedes PRO connect products and services to each vehicle
  • User management – Create additional users and assign roles and authorizations to each user
  • Vehicle administration – Quickly add and manage vehicle information
Connect Portal

Advantages of Mercedes PRO Connect 03

Mercedes PRO connect Components

Mercedes Pro connect App – With the Mercedes PRO connect App, the driver can easily access valuable vehicle and job-related information.

Communication Module – Standard on all new Sprinter models, the Communication Module ensures the broadest range of connectivity from the start by quickly transmitting data with a permanently installed 4G LTE SIM card. As the prerequisite for using Mercedes PRO connect services, the Communication Module makes your daily work even more efficient.

Vehicle Management Tool – The fleet manager’s customized hub of connectivity that provides a comprehensive overview of fleet resources – simplifying logistics and increasing productivity.

Mercedes PRO connect Components

Optimized Assistance Bundle*

*This bundle is complimentary for 36 months after van purchase in conjunction with activation of services in the Mercedes PRO Portal.

Included Services:

  • Accident and Breakdown Management
  • Emergency Call System
  • Live Traffic Information
  • Car-to-X-Communication
  • Software Updates
  • Internet in the Car
  • Maintenance and Repair Management
  • Online Map Update
  • Navigation Functions
  • Multimedia Functions

Efficient Fleet Management Bundle

Included Services

  • Remote Control
  • Vehicle Supervision
  • Eco Monitor
  • Vehicle Operations
  • Fleet Communication including Send2Car
  • Digital Driver’s Log
  • Digital Trip Management
  • Theft Warning

Data Interfaces Mercedes-Benz Vans Bundle

Included Services

  • Vehicle Data Interface extended
  • Vehicle Data Interface light
Mercedes PRO