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Mercedes-EQ Charging Stations - Mercedes-Benz of Easton

Mercedes-Benz is committed to helping drivers make a seamless transition to the all-electric driving lifestyle through a rapidly expanding network of charging stations across the country. Through an exclusive partnership with Electrify America, Mercedes me Charge is your all-inclusive location for convenient charging solutions and innovations that are designed to enhance the EV charging experience. At Mercedes-Benz of Easton, we’re dedicated to helping our clients join the all-electric revolution and continue to evolve our approach to making EV ownership more attractive and beneficial than ever before.

Mercedes me Charge Innovations

Mercedes me Charge Innovations

Making their debut on the all-electric EQS Sedan, Mercedes me Charge will launch with a number of impressive innovations designed to enhance usability and convenience. Listed below are only a handful of highlights from this groundbreaking collection of features.

Industry-Leading Charging Ecosystem

    • Powered by ChargePoint, an industry leader in EV charging networks, the MBUX head unit and Mercedes Me app both provide seamless integration for all charging services. This includes finding nearby charging stations, trip-planning services, and initiating payment for your charging session.

Ever-Expanding Network of Charging Stations

    • You’ll have access to a growing network of over 60,000 charging stations through ChargePoint along with other major charging networks like Electrify America. You’ll find public locations at popular destinations like shopping malls, hotels, and workplaces.

Going Green is Remarkably Affordable

  • Through a partnership with Electrify America, Mercedes me Charge enables complimentary 30-minute charging per session for the first two years from account activation. All you need to do is “Plug & Charge” at all Electrify America DC fast chargers. Better still, you’ll enjoy the satisfaction that comes from knowing that you’re doing your part to lessen our collective impact on the environment.
Mercedes-EQ EQS Charging Station

Charge Your Mercedes-Benz All-Electric Vehicle Here at the Dealership

Whether you’re here for service or just want to stop by to say hello, Mercedes-Benz of Easton offers complimentary access to our EV charging station. Available on a first-come, first-serve basis — our charging station is the perfect way to recharge your vehicle while you recharge yourself inside of our comfortable service lounge.

EV Charging Levels Explained

Mercedes-EQ Level 1 Charger

Level 1 Charging

The first type of charging is available for plug-in hybrids and essentially all EVs. Known as Level 1 EVSE, this type of charger is often included with the purchase of your new PHEV or EV. Since they’re compatible with a common 120-volt household AC outlet, they’re intended primarily for charging plug-in hybrids overnight and for their ease of use when a public charging station can’t be found. However, they’re typically rated for only 2 to 5 miles of range per hour of charging time. This means they’re best suited for emergency situations or topping off a PHEV overnight. Their small size adds portability and convenience when traveling as well.

Mercedes-EQ Level 2 Charging

Level 2 Charging

If you’re searching for the perfect solution for keeping your new EV fully charged and ready for whatever the day has in store, consider a Level 2 charging station. These types of charging stations can be installed in your garage or driveway once there is access to a 240V AC outlet. Perfect for daily driving your EV, Level 2 charging can add anywhere between 10 to 60 miles of EV range to your vehicle per hour of charge time. It’s important to remember that installation of a Level 2 charging station requires a dedicated electrical circuit of 20 to 100 amps in addition to other specialized equipment.

Fortunately, the majority of residential homes have 240V electrical service for larger appliances like air conditioners, electric dryers, or electric ranges. This is a primary reason that you’ll need a licensed electrician to properly install your home charging station to comply with local, state, and national regulations. Typically, home charging stations are located inside a garage. However, there are outdoor options for installing a freestanding station in your driveway.

Mercedes-EQ Public Charging Station

Level 3 Charging

Finally, Mercedes-Benz electric vehicles come equipped with Level 3 charging capabilities. Also known as 480V DC Fast Charging, Level 3 is the ultimate solution for charging as quickly as possible. You’ll most likely find public fast charging stations near high-traffic areas like rest stops, large shopping retailers, or office complexes. Thanks to this rapidly growing network of fast charging stations, it’s now possible to travel from coast-to-coast using solely electric power. With Mercedes-Benz, the future of all-electric travel has never been brighter.


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