2023 Mercedes-AMG® GLC 43 Coupe vs. Porsche Macan S

Mercedes-AMG® GLC 43 Coupe vs Porsche Macan S

Luxury crossover SUVs have earned a respected reputation for their impeccable design, everyday versatility, and luxurious interior appointments. As a result of their popularity, more and more buyers have turned their attention towards performance-focused luxury crossovers due to their track-inspired power and remarkable handling characteristics. If you're searching for thrilling performance without sacrificing on practicality, these vehicles offer the perfect solution. The Mercedes-AMG® GLC 43 Coupe sets the benchmark for this segment, representing all the quintessential attributes of a performance-focused luxury crossover. To help illustrate how the AMG® GLC 43 is the best choice, we've compared it side-by-side against one of its top rivals – the Porsche Macan S. Once you discover all the advantages of the AMG® GLC 43, you'll understand why drivers continue to choose Mercedes-Benz.

Mercedes-AMG® GLC 43 Coupe vs Porsche Macan S

Mercedes-AMG GLC 43 Coupe Porsche Macan S
2023 Mercedes-AMG® GLC 43 Coupe VS 2023 Porsche Macan S
$68,200 ✓ MSRP $68,400
385 ✓ Horsepower 375
384 ✓ Torque 383
9 ✓ Transmission Speeds 7
Standard, Panoramic ✓ Power Sunroof Optional
Power ✓ Tilt/Telescoping Steering Wheel Adjustments Manual
KEYLESS-GO doors and push button start ✓ Proximity Key Entry Optional
Standard ✓ AC Power Outlet Not Available
Driver & Passenger ✓ Heated Front Seats Optional
Standard ✓ Blind Spot Monitoring Optional
Standard ✓ Automatic Emergency Braking Optional
Mercedes-Benz AMG GLC 43 Coupe Interior

The first advantage we see in the Mercedes is price. And while it isn't a huge difference, it's important when considering what comes as standard on these vehicles. In terms of performance, the clear favorite is the AMG® GLC 43 Coupe. It boasts greater horsepower, greater torque, and a more sophisticated 9-speed automatic transmission for greater response. If you're craving maximum exhilaration, the obvious choice is Mercedes-Benz.

The AMG® GLC 43 Coupe comes standard with a panoramic sunroof, something you'll have to pay extra for on the Macan S. Great for finding your ideal driving position, you'll have access to a power-adjustable tilt and telescoping steering column. Porsche drivers will have to fumble around with an archaic manual adjustable column.

Standard KEYLESS-GO doors and push button start add convenience to the AMG® GLC 43 Coupe. Again, Porsche owners will be required to select a costly option package in order to receive a similar feature. Standard heated seats for the driver and front passenger help make cold winter mornings much more pleasant. You can use a standard AC power outlet to keep your electronic devices charged up for the journey.

Safety is another key component of the Mercedes-AMG® GLC 43 Coupe. Standard Blind Spot Monitoring takes the guesswork out of changing lanes on the highway. Similarly, Active Brake Assist with Autonomous Emergency Braking mitigation can provide a helping hand when you need it most during emergency braking situations. Once again, these two great features will force you to spend more on the Macan S.

Mercedes-Benz AMG GLC 43 Coupe

Winner – Mercedes-AMG® GLC 43 Coupe

Now that we've tallied the results, the clear winner of this in-depth comparison is the Mercedes-AMG® GLC 43 Coupe. The Porsche Macan S simply cannot compete with the blistering performance, premium interior features, groundbreaking safety innovations, and impressive value represented by the AMG® GLC 43 Coupe. Ready to learn more? Our team at Mercedes-Benz of Easton is standing by to introduce you to the AMG® GLC 43 Coupe.