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Whether you are visiting to gather information, search for a vehicle in the Columbus area or contact our Service department in Columbus we hope to be of assistance. Please contact us at any time to discuss your requirements in more detail, or visit us at 4300 Morse Crossing

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Mercedes-Benz of Easton
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Mercedes-Benz of Easton
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Mercedes-Benz of Easton
4300 Morse Crossing,
OH, 43219

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2012 E350 Coupe
  • The First Class Finish

First Class Finish

What is the First Class Finish?

It is our lease-end process that is specifically designed to be as simple and straightforward as possible. The First Class Finish lets you cruise effortlessly through the lease-end process.

Q: What choices will I have at the end of my lease?
A: 1. Return your vehicle
    2. Extend your lease
    3. Pay off your vehicle

Q: What costs will I incur when I turn in my car?
A: If returning at lease maturity, you are responsible for any past due payments, unpaid fees, excess mileage, excess wear and use, and fees and taxes associated with your end of lease.

If you return your vehicle early (prior to maturity), you will be responsible for the above charges as well as remaining payments.

Please review your lease agreement for additional details. Also, for more details, contact your Mercedes-Benz dealer or the Mercedes-Benz Financial at 1-800-654-6222.

Q: What is the purchase price before or at lease maturity?
A: Visit the Account Information section of the website or call our 24-hour Automated Payoff Quote and Account Information Line at
1-800-654-6222. Your original Mercedes-Benz Dealer can also provide a payoff purchase price before maturity.

Q: How can I determine my payoff amount?
A: For a payoff quote, call our 24-hour Automated Payoff Quote and Account Information Line at 1-800-654-6222. You can also use this web site to access your Account Information or contact your local Mercedes-Benz Dealer for details.

Q: Where should I send my payoff amount?
A: For the fastest processing, please send a Cashier's Check to:

MB Payoff Standard Mailing Address:
Mercedes-Benz Financial
P.O. Box 9001886
Louisville, KY 40290-1886

MB Payoff Overnight Mailing Address:
Mercedes-Benz Financial
6716 Grade Lane
Building 9, Suite 910
Attn: P.O. Box 9001886
Louisville, KY 40213

Please print and complete the blank Odometer Statement and send it with your payoff. Also, please tell us the address to which you want the title sent.

Q: What is The Credit Card Test?
A: Most vehicle damage happens to the exterior or interior fabric and trim. At Mercedes-Benz Financial, we've created a simple, yet comprehensive way to evaluate when such wear and use becomes damage. Basically, if the damage can be hidden with a credit card, it passes the test and is not chargeable damage. Guidelines for tires, glass and a few others are equally innovative and fair. Three months before your lease ends, we'll send you The First Class Finish Lease-End Guide, which explains the entire process in detail.

Q: How do I know what I will need to repair?
A: Before you return your vehicle, take a few minutes to do your own Three-Point Inspection using the criteria in your lease-end guide (sent to you 90 days before your maturity date). You should also contact your Mercedes-Benz dealer to schedule a Pre-Inspection to prepare for your lease-end inspection.

Interior and Exterior
- Is your vehicle free of interior and exterior damage?
- Does it pass The Credit Card Test?
- Is your car free of holes to the sheet metal and frame?

Tires and Wheels
- Are all of your tires the same size?
- Is your spare tire and rim in the trunk?
- Are all of your tires free of sidewall plugs, cuts or exposed cords?
- Are all your wheels matching and in good condition (not cracked or broken)?

Glasses and Lenses
- Are windows, the windshield and all other glass, lenses or plastic shields free of stars, cracks, holes and plugs?

Mechanical and Electrical
- Has all Maintenance Service specified by the manufacturer been performed, and is the most recent documented by:
- A stamped service book?
- A copy of the repair order?

Missing and Broken Parts
- Are all factory-installed parts present on your vehicle and not broken?

Aftermarket Alterations
- If you made any Aftermarket modifications, were they Mercedes-Benz authorized or installed by an authorized Mercedes-Benz Dealer?

- Is your mileage within the mileage allowance provided for in your lease agreement?

Q: Who do I contact with Lease-End questions?
A: Contact your Mercedes-Benz dealer, or call a Mercedes-Benz Financial Program Advisor at 800.873.5471.

Lease Transfer

Q: What is a lease transfer, or transfer of interest?
A: A Lease Transfer or Transfer of Interest (TOI) is the process of transferring a Mercedes-Benz Financial First Class Lease® from the current lease holder (the "Transferor") to a qualified individual or business (the "Transferee"). After six months, subject to eligibility and approval, a Transferor may request that a qualified Transferee assume all rights, interests and obligations under the current lease agreement, thereby releasing the Transferor of any remaining payments and lease end charges. In such an event, the Transferee expressly agrees to assume responsibility for all remaining payments and obligations under the lease agreement.

Q: How does a lease transfer work?
A: As a First Class Lease holder, you may be eligible to transfer your lease to another qualified individual or business (a "Transferee"). After six months, subject to eligibility and approval, you may request that a qualified Transferee assume all of your rights, interests and obligations under your current lease agreement, thereby releasing you of any remaining payments and lease end charges.

Q: What if my account is not current?
A: To be eligible to transfer your lease agreement, your lease account must be current. Any outstanding payments, charges (e.g. late charges, property taxes, etc.) and fees (e.g. parking ticket fees, etc.) must be paid so the account is current before a transfer of interest may take place.

Q: What are the fees associated with a lease transfer? Who is responsible?
A: There may be a transfer fee due to Mercedes-Benz Financial, which may be paid by the Transferee, the Transferor or a combination of the two parties. However, as these fees are state specific, please contact the Mercedes-Benz Financial Client Care Center at 800- 654-6222.

Q: Are there any other fees and taxes involved?
A: Vehicle licensing or registration fees, as well as applicable taxes, may be required by your state. These fees and taxes vary by state. If you are unsure about your state's requirements, please consult your local department of motor vehicles to inquire about licensing or registration fees, and your state's tax authority to inquire about any applicable taxes.

Q: What happens to my security deposit?
A: Mercedes-Benz Financial retains a security deposit until the end of the lease agreement. Therefore, if there is a security deposit, it will transfer to the Transferee with the lease agreement. At lease end, any portion that is due to be refunded, less any lease end charges (e.g., excess mileage, excess wear and use, vehicle damage, etc.) will be returned to the Transferee. The Transferee may choose to reimburse the Transferor for the amount of the security deposit, but this is not a requirement of the lease transfer.

Q: Who is responsible for lease-end charges?
A: The Transferee is responsible for any lease-end charges including, but not limited to, excess mileage, excess wear and use, vehicle damage, etc.

Q: Can my lease be transferred to other states or outside of the United States?
A: Your lease may be transferred to another state within the United States. However, your lease may not be transferred outside of the United States. Please note that special requirements may apply to transfers that occur between the continental United States and Alaska or Hawaii.

Q: How is a long-distance transfer handled?
A: The logistics of the vehicle transfer (e.g. vehicle delivery, any transportation charges, etc.) are the responsibility of the Transferor and the Transferee. Please remember to investigate any registration fees or tax liabilities that may be imposed by state authorities.

Q: How long does a lease transfer take?
A: Depending on how quickly and accurately the transfer documentation is submitted, a transfer may be completed in a matter of weeks. However, please note that this does not include processing time that may occur at state agencies, such as a department of motor vehicles, which is outside of our control.

Q: How will I know that the lease transfer is complete?
A: You will receive confirmation from Mercedes-Benz Financial when the lease transfer is complete. The Transferor may then transfer the vehicle to the Transferee.

Q: What about vehicle insurance?
A: Proof of Insurance is required from the Transferee prior to completion of the transfer.

Q: Are optional insurance or non-insurance products transferable?
A: These products are subject to the specific terms and conditions of the agreement under which they were purchased. Please consult these agreements regarding transferability.

Q: Why do I have to send original documents?
A: These products are subject to the specific terms and conditions of the agreement under which they were purchased. Please consult these agreements regarding transferability.

Q: How is a lease transfer initiated?
A: A lease transfer is initiated when a current lease account holder submits a request for a credit application to be submitted to a potential Transferee. The Transferor initiates this request by clicking on the Lease Transfer link inside the Account section of Note that the Transfer button is not visible unless the lease is eligible for transfer (6 months from the original contract date). Please contact the Mercedes-Benz Financial Client Care Center for assistance or further information at 800.654.6222.

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